Am I paid when I’m sick or on holiday?

Yes, as your employer, JSA will guarantee you full employment rights, including (but not limited to) Statutory Sick Pay, Paternity or Maternity Pay.  With regard to holidays, through JSA you’ll have the option to receive your holiday pay entitlement together with each payment or have JSA accrue the value and pay out to you when you claim it (i.e. When you take holiday).  If you choose to have your holiday paid with each payment, the value will be displayed clearly on your payslip for you to then set aside if you wish.

Do I need to complete a tax return?

The payments you’ll receive from JSA will be subject to PAYE tax and NIC’s before you receive the income and as such, providing you have no additional income, you’ll not need to complete a tax return.

Do I pay JSA for their service?

JSA retains a margin on the assignment income we receive from the agency for the work you undertake.  The rate will vary depending on the agency you are on assignment with.

How and when am I paid?

You’ll be paid by JSA after accounting for your PAYE taxes and any expenses you claim. Exactly when you will be paid will depend on the agency you are working with however JSA will ensure you are paid in a reliable and compliant manner each period.

How do I claim my time and expenses?

You’ll be provided with your own unique secure login for the online portal through which you may log time and expenses, view payslips, communicate with JSA and update your details at your convenience, 24/7.

What expenses can I claim?

The expenses you can claim will depend on your circumstances.  Please review our informative Expenses Policy for full guidance.

Who is my employer?

JSA will become your employer.  As soon as you decide the umbrella solution is a route you wish to take, and on receipt of your application form JSA will complete your ID/right to work checks and then issue you with an employment contract.  This sets out the terms of your employment with JSA.