What is an Umbrella Company?

An umbrella company is a previously established Limited Company which employs freelancers and contractors who typically work through recruitment agencies.

The recruitment agency engages with the umbrella company rather than directly with the worker.

The umbrella company employs the worker under a contract of employment, offering full employment rights.

As an employee of the umbrella company, subject to certain conditions being met, the worker may be entitled to claim expenses incurred whilst working for the company which they may not otherwise be entitled to claim.

How could I benefit as an umbrella employee?

  • You will receive full employment rights guaranteed through JSA.
  • You can work safe in the knowledge your taxes are taken care of (you’ll be employed by JSA for all of your assignments).
  • You’ll have continuity of employment whilst gaining valuable agency work experience
  • You may benefit from JSA’s expenses policy*.
  • You will receive an Employee benefits package, including retail offers and discounts in top stores.
  • You’ll have access to a workplace pension scheme.
  • Working as an employee of an umbrella company also allows you to undertake multiple assignments with various agencies, all through the one employment.